About Us


The plantain Festival is a yearly festival that brings together plantain lovers from across the world, to celebrate the goodness of plantain and to foster community building.

We are currently in two cities – London and Abuja and we plan to expand to over 20 cities across the world.

The positive impact of our festivals has been experienced by both young and old people who make new friends at the event, and vendors who get new clients from the festival.

Our Mission & Vission

To bring plantain lovers together to share love, experience peace and foster community building

Our Cities

We hold festivals annually in Abuja, and we are set to hold our first Plantain festival in London. We plan to expand to other cities soon.

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What Plantain Lovers

Have to say

Attending Abuja Plantain Festival in 2019 was a good choice because I met amazing people and had so much fun! Wouldn’t miss any event for the world.


The lockdown had drained my energy, but attending the festival was a great experience, I made a lot of friends, in fact I learnt how to prepare a variety of plantain dishes


I went as a vendor, and we sold out our dishes, I even took part in some competitions, I had an amazing time at the event.


    Bringing a community of plantain lovers together, to experience the greatness of Plantain dishes and share great moments together across the Globe, is what I envision.

    Calabarboy Foodie

    Team Lead

    Sharing food adventures online and offline through our food fairs and events like the Abuja Plantain Festival and London Plantain Festival

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