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The Abuja Plantain Festival is a food show that brings plantain lovers together and is powered  by Calabarboyfoodie, a food review blog brand with an energetic social media fan base passionate about amplifying the culture of food and drink businesses in Nigeria.

The Abuja Plantain Festival is a yearly event that attracts thousands of plantain lovers and food vendors with the aim of improving the service, production capacity, and experiences of restaurants and food businesses in Nigeria.

23rd October, 2021

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Heritage Africa Village Square


12pm – 7pm



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Abuja Plantain Festival

Our Growth process

2019: First Edition of Abuja Plantain Festival

We experienced over 3,000 food vendors and plantain lovers at The Capital Hub, Kado, Abuja. They were displaying and purchasing respectively, the creativity of plantain meals and dishes prepared on the spot as never seen before.

2020: Second Edition of Abuja Plantain Festival

The second edition held at River Plate Park, Wuse II, Abuja, in the heat of the pandemic with a controlled number of vendors in a physical location streamed live on social media, and partnerships with delivery services to deliver foods and drinks purchased online to the consumers in their homes, following all the COVID-19 safety procedures.

2021:Third Edition of Abuja Plantain Festival

The third edition is scheduled to hold on the 1st of October 2021, at the Africa Heritage Garden with an expected audience of over 5,000 plantain lovers and vendors, both online and offline.The time for the event is 12pm - 7pm.


A-list Artist Performance

Cooking Competition

Best Plantain Dish

Eating competition

Drinking competition

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